Key Issues

Champion of single moms, Champion of Women-Owned Businesses. Ruth knows Chicago.

single moms

Single Moms

Ruth knows what it’s like to raise children on her own. She raised four children alone, and because she never gave up on them, her three sons and one daughter are standing strong. Only a mother knows what it takes to be a mom in difficult circumstances. ‘Ain’t nothin’ going on but the rent’ isn’t just a song. Ruth Pellegrini wants to help and support all moms, no matter where they are or what they need.



Ruth Pellegrini knows that reading is the key to a child’s successful future, both in school and in the workplace. A child who can read is a child who feels self confident. When you know how to read, you have the ability to learn on your own. In addition to focusing on reading and learning, Ruth Pellegrini wants our schools to be safe and well-equipped environments, free of drugs, violence and bullying.

safe neighborhoods

Safe Neighborhoods

Ruth Pellegrini grew up in Englewood, and has seen the neighborhoods become less and less safe. Poor leadership has meant that generational poverty, joblessness and drug use are out of control. Ruth wants to work with communities to clean up our neighborhoods, to give our children a better future.

jobs and security

Jobs and Security

Ruth Pellegrini’s platform leads to jobs and financial independence. She wants to create and stimulate the growth of small businesses. Together we can transform our neighborhoods and build a better future for our children.

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