Ruth Pellegrini is a Champion. She’s a champion of single moms.
She’s a champion of women owned businesses. She’s a champion of literacy. She’s a champion of Chicago.


Uniquely positioned to help heal the city, Ruth Pellegrini was born and raised in Englewood, one of the toughest neighborhoods in a tough city. She knows what it is help neighbours who need a hand. She knows what it is to raise kids on her own, and she knows what it is to build a woman-owned business.


At a time when Chicago needs new ideas in an age of political dinosaurs, Ruth Pellegrini is a breath of fresh air.


Ruth Pellegrini is a unique voice in a political wilderness. Chicago needs to heal and stop the cycle of poverty and violence. Ruth Pellegrini was born in Englewood and spent most of her life in First District. Working with church based education programs gave her a desire to improve literacy among the inner city youth. She has a heart for struggling single moms, vulnerable girls and anyone who wants to start and run their own business.
Help heal the city.
Vote for Ruth Pellegrini


Hi, I’m Ruth Pellegrini and I want to help heal the city. This is a great city, a world-class city, that unfortunately has been saddled with less than world-class leadership. The failed leadership has brought Chicago to where it is now, where we’re known more for violence and poor literacy than our great communities, winning teams and amazing architecture.
Chicago is people, and the people deserve better. Let’s help our kids, improve our schools, build businesses and get back on track. Together we can heal the city, one step forward at a time.

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