What Women want – specifically Single Moms

As a single mom of four, I know how hard it can be to raise children on your own. I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help from my grandparents and my friends.
Lots of single moms out there need your help. They won’t always ask you, but if they did, it would sound like this:

  1. Please don’t tell me I look tired, I know that already! Give me a compliment please, it makes my soul sing!
  2. I never have time to eat, a cup of coffee or a sandwich would be nice. A meal for my family would be awesome!
  3. If you see me carrying a load of groceries, I would love a helping hand please.
  4. I don’t like to spend money on myself, ask me if there is something I need.
  5. If you are good at fixing things, like for real, I always have something that needs attention.
    Sometimes I just need help changing a light bulb, cause it’s high and I don’t do ladders!
  6. I usually forget to check the oil and water in my car, or the tires.
  7. I often don’t have the cash to fill up my car, I often have to choose between food or gas.
  8. I can’t always take the time to talk, even if I owe you some time. I have a million places to be,
    please don’t be mad.
  9. A free baby sitter once in a while would be great! I might just stay in the house and sleep, or
    take some “me” time.
  10. I could really use some help cleaning up. A load of dishes or laundry would help me a lot.
  11. My baby is sick, could you please buy medicine for me?
  12. I feel so overwhelmed all the time and I constantly feel like I’m failing. Do you think I’m a good
    mother? I need some encouragement, tell me about the things you see me doing well please.

Single moms don’t need pity, they need help!
Look for opportunities to help any single mom you know. Remember moms are raising the future leaders of our city.
Thank you to all the people who helped me raise my kids

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